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News Flash for 2021!
We can no longer depend on our professional skills if we do not have the ability to use a computer, Applications, and the "Cloud"! It is no longer an option, it is a necessity!
If you are not asked to use an office computer sitting at your desk, you will be asked to go online and input your detailed description of your daily procedure according to your job. Not only would you be inputting that data into your iPhone or tablet, it would probably be sent directly to the "Cloud" that your company has established within a Data Center. Your data will be merged into a database that is housing pertinent information that proved your contract performance with companies that have chosen to do business with your company.
You see, we will not be eliminated from the Workforce, you will just be expected to utilize the devices that "run" the companies of today! The Training we offer is concise and to the point. Some people learn quicker than others and that is where we become a beneficial Service. 
As I mentioned above, we also have created a Thumb Drive with "Micro Training Videos" that include the videos that teach you the lessons just as if you were in our Classroom!
We have been trying for the past 24 years to present the necessary Training needed to be a part of the Workforce, as well as "remain" an integral part of the Workforce, if you have a job at this time! If you don't have a job at this time, make the decision to call us or email us so we can help you succeed and become a part of the corporate workforce of Today!
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