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I have recently sent out a letter to all 50 Governors in America offering my Services to help train veterans in Excel and Word. These are the two most requested by the business world of today! Most all employees need this Training to become an integral part of the Workforce of Today!

I have been teaching Computer Training for over 20 years and have made it my quest, to travel to different cities to give the Training that veterans need to better qualify them to enter the Workforce of Today! I will be setting up satellite offices in as many states as is possible. I think that if enough veterans contact their Senator, Governor or Veteran Administration near you, we can hopefully open one in your area to better serve you. We owe you so much!


Thank you for your information! Your information will not be sold or used in any other manner to any other entity. God bless you.

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888.337.3606 or 337.764.7073


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